First-class board from the beverage cartons, alternative to OSB

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Deska PackWall Basic

PackWall Basic

Nápojový kartón
Deska PackWall Design

PackWall Design

We help the nature and those who build homes and flats

We produce the structural and interior boards from used beverage cartons that others find unusable.

PackWall can replace a variety of materials and it is easy to work with

It easy to cut with a hand saw or circular saw

Drilling is equally easy

Yet the board is sufficiently soft and strong for screwing

Plaster or aluminium coat …the PackWall board is ready for any treatment

You will enjoy using the gun nails with the board

We return life to a material that seemed to be unnecessary waste

Cartons are great for packing of food but their recycling is not easy.

Piles of unused raw materials made us act a couple of years ago.

Together with students and innovators, we found a way to re-use the valuable properties of beverage packages in the construction industry.


At the beginning used beverage packages that would otherwise come in vain and be burnt.


Packages we crush and mould under high temperatures to the boards of various dimensions


The basic product is a board that can be surface-treated and used in a variety of ways.


With PackWall you can build a house or create a fine interiors. Imagination and possibilities are not limited.

For the construction industry:

  • interior partitions and ceilings
  • sandwich panels
  • perimeter walls
  • bottom and levelling boards
  • temporary fillings of structural holes
  • construction enclosures
  • formwork

For furniture and interior:

  • ready for laminating and veneering
  • lining
  • atypical design panels (DESIGN version)
  • skeleton of soft furniture
  • filling of notice boards (office and school)

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