Prvotřídní desky z recyklované suroviny, alternativa OSB


Cardboard is great for food packaging, but it’s not easy to recycle. Piles of unused raw materials made us act years ago. Together with students and innovators, we found a way to use the valuable properties of beverage packaging in the construction industry.

The boards are strong and at the same time very good and easy to work with. No problem with cutting, drilling, or screwing. They can be glued, laminated, etc.

Design and distinctive interior

The cardboard packaging material is very durable and easy to work with. It can therefore be used as part of an experiment in the design industry. Thanks to recycling, this material gets many other dimensions and possibilities. The material is environmentally friendly and offers several uses. There are two variants of PackWall Basic, which is a basic board without surface treatment, or its modification PackWall Design, a board with a transparent cover layer.

For the interior, the boards can be varnished, veneered, or laminated. It is a completely harmless material. No volatile substances are released from the plates (measured by the State Health Institute of the Czech Republic) and the high production temperature eliminates any germs of microorganisms. All it takes is an idea, skillful hands and an unconventional piece of furniture can be born. Alternatively, it is also used as a design element in the space.


PackWall panels are a composite that consists of cellulose, polyethylene, and aluminum (all found in food cartons). The two basic products PackWall Basic and PackWall Design (with a transparent cover layer) can be used in the construction industry for perimeter walls, vaults, partitions, soffits, and attic coverings. It is also perfectly suited as formwork or building enclosures.

PackWall boards are a full-fledged alternative to fiberboard and plasterboard elements. In the furniture industry, it can easily replace MDF, HDF, and OSB boards.