Beverage cartons are great for packaging and storing food. However, when their content is consumed, they become unnecessary and difficult to process waste.

The amount of unused raw materials moved Czech innovators to invent a way to use the valuable properties of beverage packaging in the construction industry.

The idea of processing used tetra packs has existed for several decades. But the patented technology for their use in the form of panel materials is the work of Czech experts. These patent rights are owned by our company Flexibau s.r.o. and we succeed in putting these principles and

products into practice. We participated in the construction of several production lines which we continue to innovate. We are developing new types of panels and ways to use them in various fields and applications. Our licences extend to other countries around the world, where beverage packaging is recycled and processed according to our model.

We are proud that our work makes sense. We create new products from unnecessary waste and they inspire sustainable construction, packaging and furniture industries, as well as innovative architectural and interior solutions. Our panels do not burden the planet or the financial budget of project offices. The PackWall panels are affordable and an alternative to common materials such as OSB, MDF, HDF, chipboard, gypsum fibreboard or plasterboard. Their indisputable advantage is a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to conventional materials, while maintaining technical parameters. They are thus an ideal alternative for responsible and environmentally conscious builders.



Flexibau s.r.o. was established in 2015. It specializes in the production of the PackWall panels – original panels made of beverage cartons. We extended the original intention of the construction of prefabricated houses to the multi-purpose use of this unique recycled/able material. We now produce several types of panels suitable for a variety of applications in construction, interiors and furniture.

Currently, Flexibau operates a production line for the processing of beverage cartons in Milevsko in South Bohemia. The production of recycled panels based on the PackWall idea is also licenced in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and the production of panels in Austria and Benelux is being prepared.

Flexibau is part of the GES GROUP, a private investment group that has been on the market since 1990. It focuses on medium- and long-term investments that are directed to four basic market segments – industry, real estate, media and agriculture. In addition to business activities, the group also supports the field of sports at the top level and sports leisure activities for young people.

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