The boards are used in a wide range of applications in construction and furniture. They can be easily adapted for various applications – they can be painted, veneered, laminated, glued, reinforced with a grid and sealed or a texture or tile or facade screed with paint can be applied to them. The PackWall panels completely safe and do not release any volatile compounds. Once the PackWall panels have fulfilled their purpose, whether in construction, furniture industry or as temporary constructions at exhibition booths or construction sites, they can be reused as input material for new boards.

Air sound insulation of 32db

The PackWall panels are characterized by excellent acoustic properties. They prevent the propagation of sound waves, which is why they are an excellent material for internal partitions as well as for the attic room thanks to their sound insulation. They are used as special acoustic walls in places where the spread of noise to other areas or penetration of noise from the surroundings should be significantly prevented.

Impact sound reduction

The PackWall panels provide high impact sound reduction – when applied to floors, they absorb shocks and minimize sound resonance. You will appreciate these properties especially in places where the clatter of court shoes bothers you – whether they are corridors and rooms in multi-storey apartment buildings or office buildings or attic rooms of family houses.

Strength and durability

With their composite structure, the PackWall panels are resistant to damage or breakage, to kicks or impacts by heavy objects. Although they are strong and durable, they can be cut with a hand saw or jig-saw, circular saw with larger teeth and are also easy to attach with screws or staples. The screws hold them tightly and can withstand even high loads. There is thus no need to use special wall plugs or support hanging systems.

Eco-friendly solution

The unique design, but also the practical attributes of our panels come from the characteristic properties of beverage cartons, which are known for their long service life, durability and protective function.

Used beverage cartons do not end up in a landfill, but their qualities can be further used in building structures, interior design or furniture making. The PackWall panels are the ideal solution for sustainable construction.

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